Every person has some targets and goals in his/her life. I have some goals too. Some are professional and some are personal. Some are long term and some are short term. By means of short term goals, we can achieve our long term goals as short term goals are in line with long term goals. So, to achieve short term goals, yo need to structure them as SMART goals.

My goal is to get an internship of eight weeks in the supply chain department of a reputable organization within three months. For this, I will keep checking all the social media and business media sites for opportunities twice a day. I want to complete this task because it will enhance my skills and knowledge in this area as well as it will add value in my resume.

I have been looking for an internship for almost six months but I didn’t made it. But now, I came up with a new way to tackle this problem. I will now use LinkedIn and will join Facebook groups of internships, also I will ask my brother to help me find an internship.

It is difficult to find an internship in this pandemic situation, but I am sure I will do it. I divided my goal into initial three steps. These are;

My first task is to find resources to find internship in my concerned department. Then to prepare a CV, meanwhile organization will do its formalities. I will gain information of the department to fully utilize this opportunity.

I hope everything will go as I planned, but I will continuously evaluate my steps see whether I am heading in the right direction or not….